Whole Church Events

These events are for the entire Congregation, which may include Holidays, Picnics, and More!

  • Soup & Salad

    Occurring in 6 week stretches, Soup & Salad nights are a great opportunity to have casual fellowship with others in the congregation while Pastor Jarrod does a short, yet challenging, activity to help grow your Faith. Check the Calendar above to see when the next Soup & Salad will begin!

  • "5th" Sundays

    On months that have a 5th Sunday, you wont find us in our usual spot. We'll be out in the Community putting our Faith in action. We arrange these 5th Sundays to be appropriate for everyone who attends, from any age that is able to lend a hand to those who have physical restraints. Check the Calendar above to see when and where our next 5th Sunday will be. Lets get out and make a difference!